I.M Ambulance Services PTE LTD: They care for your health

Life is like a sports’ match; you don’t know what might happen in the next moment and what impact it might have on the coming times. The future is unpredictable, we all know that, hence we can’t do anything to prevent these unforeseeable events that might hit us. The human body is very fragile and you never know which injury or disease might turn into something critical. You can’t stop them from attacking your body, you can’t prevent from getting hurt, but you can be prepared for such situations and take control.

I.MAmbulance Services PTE LTD is one such company, working for the needs of the people in medical emergency. I.M Ambulance Services PTE LTD is an Emergency medical service provider InWoodland, Singapore, dedicated to providingtransportation to patients with illness or any injuries, acute medical care and the medical assistance they require while their way to the nearest hospital.

Currently, I.M Ambulance Services PTE LTD are providing their valuable services in Woodland, Singapore, and with their immediate response to the patients in emergency makes it clear that there are one of the bestambulance operatorsin the locality.
I.M Ambulance Service PTE LTD is always there for you, whenever you need, wherever you need. They are on standby twenty by seven, three hundred and sixty five days of the year, to serve their patients and provide them the best medical assistance.
Ambulances provided by I.M Ambulance Service PTE LTD aren’t just quick to help you out and pick you from the site of incident, they are also equipped with all the medical tools like Multi Parameter transport Monitor, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), pacer and ventilators andtrauma kits, so that they could be all geared up to help a person in need. 
No two patients are the same and no disease affects each of its patient the exact same way. Thus, I.M Ambulance PTE LTD also offers its patients with Private ambulanceservice, to suit their personal requirements and needs while medical assistance is being provided to them and during the critical phase of life.

All their ambulances are registered with the Ministry of Health and qualify through all the criteria and standards an ambulance should have.
They are currently serving National University Hospital, KhooTeckPuat Hospital, National Kidney Foundation and Pacific Healthcare Nursing Home in LengkokBahru and Senja Road, and providing the fastest help in town.


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