I.M Ambulance Service PTE LTD: Emergency Medical Provider

You never know what may happen to you in the next moment. You can’t predict what your condition will be and where you will end up in the next second. A good ordinary day may turn into a nightmare due to an injury or a disease, but sadly, you can’t prepare for them in prior as the future is unforeseeable. You only have a limited amount of control on your body and all you can do is to be prepared for the worst.
That’s exactly why having a well-connected system of ambulances is a must to in a city. In the city of Woodland, Singapore, I.M Ambulance Services PTE LTD are one such ambulance service providers.

I.MAmbulance Service PTE LTD is an Emergency ambulance provider in the city of Woodland,Singapore, spending their time to help people in a medical emergency.They are extremely dedicated towards providing the first aid required to their patients at the time of the injury and transport them to the nearest hospital or medical facility as soon as possible in their well-equipped ambulances.
It is not possible for people to take all patients with their personal vehicles to the nearest hospitals because not all patients are in the condition to withstand the lack of medical attention for such a long time. Thus, I.M Ambulance Service PTE LTD acts as their ambulance operators so that the patients can get the attention they need as soon possible so that their lives can be saved.

Some patients might require even special care than others and their needs might differ from others, that’s why I.M Ambulance PTE LTD also offers its patients with Privateambulance service, to suit their personal needs and requirements while medical assistance is being provided to them.
All the ambulances provided by I.M Ambulance Service PTE LTD aren’t just quick, they are also equipped with all the medical tools like Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), Multi Parameter transport Monitor, trauma kits, pacer and ventilators, so that they could be all geared up to help a person in need.  And that’s not all, all their ambulances are registered with the Ministry of Health as well.

The staff of I.M Ambulance PTE LTD is extremely hardworking and care for their patients. It is because of their efforts and passion of helping others that they are currently serving KhooTeckPuat Hospital, National University Hospital, National Kidney Foundation and Pacific Healthcare Nursing Home in LengkokBahru and Senja Road, and providing the fastest help in town.


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